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Adagio in D Minor

Rao Laziz Biryani … needs to get it.

Went to my friend’s place that day. They were shooting an extremely low budget music video for their song that is appropriately named ‘soowar’ as in ‘pig’. Was forced to participate in the video wearing a red wig and acting crazy. Comparable to a rape experience stretched over a couple of hours, where after a while, you just start going with the flow (I sound like I’m speaking from experience which I assure you, random stumbler on the blog, is not the case. Yet.)

Currently suffering from an extreme case of lethargy and a minor case of writer’s block. Honestly speaking though, I believe ‘writer’s block’ is a term conjoined up by lazy ass writers who couldn’t be bothered to get off their asses to write and needed something as an excuse.

There. I said it.


How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.’





It’s really interesting how some blogs immediately manage to take off, moments after their first blog post. :/

Received a flyer from this new school in my town. A list of their ‘salient features’ includes:

‘Free Fee Ship for Hafiz Quran Students’ (No, seriously. Fee ship).

‘Electric Water Cooler’ (as opposed to a gas water cooler).

Very awesome. I suggest you send any kids you despise and want to intellectually cripple to this school.

On another note. I want that.