An Anachronistic Rant

I just learned the word ‘Anachronistic’ today and thought it sounded fascinating although I couldn’t use it in a sentence, no matter how hard I tried. So I just stuck it into the title, hoping it makes me sound incredibly awesome.

So… I need strings for my guitar and the only music store that was near my place appears to have relocated somewhere else. So the only shop now where I can get strings (that I know of) is at Tariq Road which is a long, stinky and sweaty bus ride away.

God bless the guy who made the first QinQi. Yes. I’m talking about those epic motorcyle/rickshaw contraption thingy that takes you from point A to point B in relative comfort (comfort here being defined as anything that doesn’t involve me being poked by someone’s manhood, something that happens quite often on a bus when I’m sitting and a horny homo is standing right besides me. Whether it’s deliberate or not, I leave that to your preference of assumption.)  But yes. It’s a sexy sexy way of transporting one self from place to place AND it’s cheap too.

Not pictured here: Me making love to a QingQi

Bilawal Bhutto’s will represent Lyari in the next elections. I’m unable to think up of anything witty and/or substantial to follow up that statement. This post does an awesome job of it though.


3 responses to “An Anachronistic Rant

  1. Reminds me of similar vehicles in India. Especially in the southern state of Tamil nadu we have what is locally known as “Share Auto”. An auto-rickshaw is basically a 3 wheeled vehicle similar to the one pictured – but with the covering on top of the driver as well. The “Share Auto” is a blown up version of the 3 wheeler which has a lot more space. It’s meant to seat 4 or 5 people – but the crowded nation that we are (in India) it usually loads up 10 or even 12 people. Still a million times better than a bus.
    And I relate to your statement about the homo on the public bus – been there experienced *that* (yuck..).

  2. Ahahaa. I get the overloading part. That day I saw a guy sitting on TOP of the QingQi. I think there were 9 people on that QingQi including the driver. :/ That’s more than we can seat in a small car like Maruti 800, or as it’s known here, Mehran.

  3. I’ve been pronouncing ‘QinQi’ quite incorrectly for some time now.

    Awkward moment when you incessantly keep mentioning ‘kinkies’ to your brother and nana.

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