Moti Moti Gaaliyan

Spent the last 12 hours without electricity. Thanks Tabish Gauhar and Zardari. As well as the striking labour union that’s just doing it’s utmost to fuck up an already fucked up institution.

This post goes out to all those awesome authors who post patriotic bullshit on their blogs, blaming readers for their apathy which apparently is the sole cause of how fucked up our country is at the moment.

This reminds me of a convo I had a few days ago with a friend of mine who’s studying in Hong Kong:

Me: Hey. What’s up?

Him: Nothing much, bro. You tell?

Me: Gaaliyan deraha tha Zardari ko aur Tabish Gauhar ko. Light ka bahut fucked up scene hai.

Him: Yaar. Gaaliyan dene se kya hoga? Apne aap ko behtar karo. Saare maslay sahih hojaenge.


At this point, I think it should also be mentioned that this person is also a very religious Muslim and for some reason, religious people irk the shit out of me.

Their ‘sab-kuch-dua-maangnay-se-sahih-hojaega-and-if-it-doesn’t-then-there’s-probably-some-maslayhat-in-it-not-working-out attitude is one that I believe has adversely impacted our society worse than anything else. Plus, I honestly don’t see how me being awesomely punctual and regular with my saum-o-salat would result in KESC miraculously churning out enough electricity to bridge the 6000 MW shortfall that is fucking us up abhi.

But yes. All those people who talk about how Pakistan has the potential to be a superpower one day; how our nuclear bomb makes us the bomb; how one day we’ll serve as the rally point for Muslims all over the world, rise up and take over India… suck it.

With things going on the way they currently are, we’ll be lucky just to survive as a country over the next couple of decades, let alone rise as a superpower.

I think the only way that we will get to exploit our ‘potential’ (greatly exaggerated) is to get rid of the current political establishment. All of them. Not just the ruling party. Get rid of Musharraf, get rid of Altaf Hussain, get rid of Zardari, get rid of Imran Khan and bring in fresh new faces. Although that’s easier said than done. And sounds stupid.

However, this vicious cycle of martial law and ‘democratic’ corrupt leaders is all the more harming for this country; it erodes the public’s trust in democracy and leaves them frustrated and depressed.

I don’t know.

Perhaps, I should try to better myself.


One response to “Moti Moti Gaaliyan

  1. Your friend reminded me of my own “religious” relatives. And I keep wondering how will anything change if one visits the temple every Friday or does a ritual 3 times a day. The only thing I get out of rituals or temples is “peace of mind”. Rituals that don’t require high decibel levels – and temples that are very scarcely populated giving every individual visiting enough personal space & a low-decibel environment to simply meditate.
    More than that, I don’t see if or why a super-duper-all-powerful-God (be it al-lah or al-lat or Brahma or Hubal or Yawweh or Buddha) would want to focus on our life?
    And no, at least till this point in our history/time, we humans have nothing better than a democracy. I think you should look at decentralization. If money is not collected at a central level, then corruption automatically will reduce. Imagine money collected at district levels for specific projects – then each district & every resident in the district can monitor the project.

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