Adagio in D Minor

Rao Laziz Biryani … needs to get it.

Went to my friend’s place that day. They were shooting an extremely low budget music video for their song that is appropriately named ‘soowar’ as in ‘pig’. Was forced to participate in the video wearing a red wig and acting crazy. Comparable to a rape experience stretched over a couple of hours, where after a while, you just start going with the flow (I sound like I’m speaking from experience which I assure you, random stumbler on the blog, is not the case. Yet.)

Currently suffering from an extreme case of lethargy and a minor case of writer’s block. Honestly speaking though, I believe ‘writer’s block’ is a term conjoined up by lazy ass writers who couldn’t be bothered to get off their asses to write and needed something as an excuse.

There. I said it.


How vain it is to sit down to write when you have not stood up to live.’



‘All a man can do is smile back’

One year ago, Airblue Flight 202 met it’s tragic end on the hills of Margalla, bringing the curtains down on the lives of it’s 152 unfortunate passengers.

It’s hard to believe that it’s been an year already. It feels like it was yesterday when I woke up to a message from my friend who informed me about the crash and the moments of horrible helplessness panic and doubt that followed; the incessant praying with everyone begging God to keep their loved ones safe and finally, the realization that … that wasn’t to happen.

It’s hard to not think about the families affected by the tragedy.

Death, it mocks us all. I think it’s easier for the dead than the people they leave behind. Especially victims of accidental deaths who leave behind them a void. Who leave behind them a series of irrationally guilty ‘what-ifs’ where you can’t help thinking about how, perhaps you could have saved that loved one. They leave behind a feeling of shock, where you have to realize every time you wake up that life isn’t the same. That life goes on but maybe, it doesn’t.

But let us not mourn the dead. Let us just rejoice in their life. The joy that they brought into the lives that they touched.

‘Death is not extinguishing the light; it is putting out the lamp because dawn has come. – Tagore


Gone but not forgotten.

An Anachronistic Rant

I just learned the word ‘Anachronistic’ today and thought it sounded fascinating although I couldn’t use it in a sentence, no matter how hard I tried. So I just stuck it into the title, hoping it makes me sound incredibly awesome.

So… I need strings for my guitar and the only music store that was near my place appears to have relocated somewhere else. So the only shop now where I can get strings (that I know of) is at Tariq Road which is a long, stinky and sweaty bus ride away.

God bless the guy who made the first QinQi. Yes. I’m talking about those epic motorcyle/rickshaw contraption thingy that takes you from point A to point B in relative comfort (comfort here being defined as anything that doesn’t involve me being poked by someone’s manhood, something that happens quite often on a bus when I’m sitting and a horny homo is standing right besides me. Whether it’s deliberate or not, I leave that to your preference of assumption.)  But yes. It’s a sexy sexy way of transporting one self from place to place AND it’s cheap too.

Not pictured here: Me making love to a QingQi

Bilawal Bhutto’s will represent Lyari in the next elections. I’m unable to think up of anything witty and/or substantial to follow up that statement. This post does an awesome job of it though.


It’s really interesting how some blogs immediately manage to take off, moments after their first blog post. :/

Received a flyer from this new school in my town. A list of their ‘salient features’ includes:

‘Free Fee Ship for Hafiz Quran Students’ (No, seriously. Fee ship).

‘Electric Water Cooler’ (as opposed to a gas water cooler).

Very awesome. I suggest you send any kids you despise and want to intellectually cripple to this school.

On another note. I want that.


Moti Moti Gaaliyan

Spent the last 12 hours without electricity. Thanks Tabish Gauhar and Zardari. As well as the striking labour union that’s just doing it’s utmost to fuck up an already fucked up institution.

This post goes out to all those awesome authors who post patriotic bullshit on their blogs, blaming readers for their apathy which apparently is the sole cause of how fucked up our country is at the moment.

This reminds me of a convo I had a few days ago with a friend of mine who’s studying in Hong Kong:

Me: Hey. What’s up?

Him: Nothing much, bro. You tell?

Me: Gaaliyan deraha tha Zardari ko aur Tabish Gauhar ko. Light ka bahut fucked up scene hai.

Him: Yaar. Gaaliyan dene se kya hoga? Apne aap ko behtar karo. Saare maslay sahih hojaenge.


At this point, I think it should also be mentioned that this person is also a very religious Muslim and for some reason, religious people irk the shit out of me.

Their ‘sab-kuch-dua-maangnay-se-sahih-hojaega-and-if-it-doesn’t-then-there’s-probably-some-maslayhat-in-it-not-working-out attitude is one that I believe has adversely impacted our society worse than anything else. Plus, I honestly don’t see how me being awesomely punctual and regular with my saum-o-salat would result in KESC miraculously churning out enough electricity to bridge the 6000 MW shortfall that is fucking us up abhi.

But yes. All those people who talk about how Pakistan has the potential to be a superpower one day; how our nuclear bomb makes us the bomb; how one day we’ll serve as the rally point for Muslims all over the world, rise up and take over India… suck it.

With things going on the way they currently are, we’ll be lucky just to survive as a country over the next couple of decades, let alone rise as a superpower.

I think the only way that we will get to exploit our ‘potential’ (greatly exaggerated) is to get rid of the current political establishment. All of them. Not just the ruling party. Get rid of Musharraf, get rid of Altaf Hussain, get rid of Zardari, get rid of Imran Khan and bring in fresh new faces. Although that’s easier said than done. And sounds stupid.

However, this vicious cycle of martial law and ‘democratic’ corrupt leaders is all the more harming for this country; it erodes the public’s trust in democracy and leaves them frustrated and depressed.

I don’t know.

Perhaps, I should try to better myself.

Not A Case Of Exploding Mangoes

Why exploding balloons? I’ve always been frightfully terrified of balloons. My balloon-o-phobia is so intense that I can’t sit in a room if someone’s been assholistic enough to let float balloons in it. I can’t count the number of times I’ve had to forgo awesome pie-in-the-sky or hobnob birthday cakes just because of the journey that was required of me in reaching that cake (to trudge through a room full of balloons AND teenagers; the kind that revel in popping balloons in each others’ faces. *shudder*)

I don’t know why it is so, though. Even the sight of balloons makes me cringe, makes the hair on the back of my neck stand up and I find myself leaning away from them.

It’s sad how my friends started picking on me as soon as they found out about my … ‘condition’. Yes. They’re partially responsible too; for my fucked up-ness and and my sheer disillusionment with… *fail at sounding uber-pseudo-emo-intellectual*

But yes. THIS^ is/was the mystery behind the title. In case you were wondering. Although this is kind of like talking to myself. Since I know that I’m the only one reading this right now. Hm. I shall think of this as a shout out to the future. Some day, someone wandering aimlessly through cyber-space will stumble upon this and will learn of the life-changing story behind ‘exploding balloons’.

PS: If I wasn’t such a ‘loon’, I would be ‘Exploding Balls’ right now. Or ‘bals’ ( which is what they called ‘balls’ in ancient babylon). Oh yeah.

PPS: I don’t remember the last time I wrote something. My writing skills are being very rusty. Combine that with my non-existent (of recent) reading habit and I’m sure ‘Imma come up with some serious shit, yo’. Yeah. Ignore the grammatical and jo bhi errors. Bitch.